This article by Robert Sarti and Frances Bula finally proves what many had speculated for a while (see City of Vancouver Archives, Mayor’s Office correspondences from this time): that Premier Mike Harcourt (former Vancouver Mayor) wanted a social housing mix at Woodward’s to become his lasting legacy, and wanted to try to make that happen before retiring. Jim Green, who is arguably the person now most credited with orchestrating the City/Province/Developer collaboration at Woodward’s, is photographed with his thumbs up in front of a sign that says, “Affordable Housing Here! No Condos.” In a letter-to-the-editor on Sunday, November 30, 1995, Jim Green wrote into the Vancouver Sun to clarify that he thinks “there could be condos, affordable market rental units or an equity co-op.” This is a good reminder for everyone: be mindful of what you’re being photographed in front of.