The Staff Committee recommends that the Board approve this application, submitted by Fama Holdings Ltd. and Brook Development Planning Inc., though in the presentation by Development Planner Jonathan Barrett, he remarks discrepancies between what the City requested of the development and what is proposed. The Woodward’s site is zoned DD, which does not require non-market housing. Barrett reminds the Board that they do not have a mandate to require non-market housing, that they are “limited in its jurisdiction to those policies, by-laws and guidelines established by Council.” [Note the similar language to other contentious development proposals, including (most recently) the 105 Keefer St development.] 10 people spoke in favour of the project, including three people from the Gastown Homeowners Association. 50 people spoke in opposition to the development proposal, including the a petition with 2,000 signatures from the Carnegie Community Action Project. The proposal was approved with amendments about bedrooms with borrowed light, an outdoor play area, making sure the colour of the building suits the neighbourhood, and to “consider” providing space to serve and provide opportunities for low income residents.