Rumours are an integral part of any good political action. FOI’d files index the rumours that circulated around police headquarters in the days and weeks after the squat. The squat ended in December 2002, but for those without adequate housing, for those who choose not to be housed by PHS, and for those who were later displaced by inflated housing prices, the squat continued. Woodsquat was just the first in an ongoing series of tent cities and autonomous housing actions: The Olympic Tent City, Occupy Vancouver, the Abbotsford Homeless Camp, Oppenheimer Park, Maple Ridge, Ten Year Tent City, Sugar Mountain and many more. The rumours were true. Also of note is the tension in PHS buildings which had taken on the squatters. In what might be seen as an effort to disrupt collective organizing, squatters were sectioned off to various PHS buildings after Woodsquat was dismantled.