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Police Notes on G8 Letterhead

Kananaskis, Alberta

Scribbles from police meetings. Note the letterhead from the 28th…

Interview with Michael Braun

Fight For Beauty Exhibition Tent

These are excerpts of an interview with Westbank marketing and sales director, Michael Braun, posted to Westbank’s website and accessed in 2017. What intrigued us about this interview is the insight that Braun gives into Ian Gillespie’s character. His love for Gillespie is quite heartwarming.

The Vancouver Police Department Guide to Filmmaking

Vancouver Police Department Headquarters

This is a VPD memo that was circulated during the Woodsquat occupation, offering guidance for video evidence-gathering techniques. Police response

‘Displacement is not beautiful’: Critics slam Westbank’s Fight for Beauty exhibition, October 22, 2017

Fight For Beauty Exhibition Tent

This article for CBC News was one of the first to openly criticize Westbank’s Fight for Beauty exhibition for being ignorant of the neighbourhood and cultural impacts of large scale luxury developments. With regards to Fight For Beauty, Michael Braun, Westbank’s marketing and sales director, is quoted saying, “It’s philanthropy, in a way.”

City of Vancouver Victory Square Policy Plan, July 19, 2005


This plan for the neighbourhood around Victory Square was put forward by the Development Services branch of the City of Vancouver, and adopted by council on July 19, 2005. In it, there are valuable insights into how City officials regarded the neighbourhood around Victory Square. This plan acknowledges its decline and the need to bring businesses back to the neighbourhood, but it also passes judgement on existing businesses for supporting illegal drug activity. This document is at times thought-provoking and compassionate and other times misguided and ignorant.

How Vancouver’s Woodward’s could pave the future of dying department stores, October 28, 2017


This article, posted to CBC News, was an oddly timed fluff piece praising the redevelopment of Woodward’s — oddly timed, because it coincided with Westbank’s Fight For Beauty exhibition, which also argued that the Woodward’s redevelopment had a positive revitalizing effect on the neighbourhood, which W.W.A.S. research demonstrates is not true.

Woodward’s Committee Planning Principles for the Woodwards Building


This is a preliminary draft of a document that outlines a plan for the Woodward’s redevelopment, created by the Woodward’s Committee.

Woodward’s Designer Reveals Secrets, February 25, 2010


Christine McLaren interviews architect Gregory Henriquez for The Tyee. Some of his statements, such as “We displaced nobody,” demonstrate a certain saviour complex and ignorance with regards to the Woodward’s redevelopment and its lasting impact. Though it is not mentioned in this article, Henriquez’ ego appears to rival the height of the Woodward’s condo. 

Powerpoint Presentation

Vancouver Police Department Headquarters

Slides from a VPD powerpoint.



The Vancouver Police department tries to offset costs of graffiti removal onto a street team in the downtown eastside, consisting

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