Latest Classifieds in Social Housing

VPD Summary

Vancouver Police Department Headquarters

A Vancouver Police Department backgrounder for dealing with the occupation. Note the emphasis on the obstruction posed by the camp,

Letter to City of Vancouver Planning Department from Carnegie Community Action Project

Carnegie Community Centre

“It is the responsibility of the Development Permit Board to ensure that in their effort to ‘revitalise’ the Downtown Eastside that it is not at the sacrifice of displacing the existing low-income community.”

Board of Variance Appeal No. Z29428: Third Party Appeal of Approval of DE 217797 (4 pages)

Carnegie Community Centre

Prepared by representatives of the Woodward’s Co-Op/Woodward’s Committee, this draft appeal outlines hardships of the low-income communities surrounding the Woodward’s site and past promises related to the Woodward’s site.

Woodwards Belongs To Us… Not to Kassem Aghtai (handbill)


This handbill, printed in English and Chinese characters, is a call to action to “reclaim” Woodward’s from Kassem Aghtai of Fama Holdings.

City of Vancouver Victory Square Policy Plan, July 19, 2005


This plan for the neighbourhood around Victory Square was put forward by the Development Services branch of the City of Vancouver, and adopted by council on July 19, 2005. In it, there are valuable insights into how City officials regarded the neighbourhood around Victory Square. This plan acknowledges its decline and the need to bring businesses back to the neighbourhood, but it also passes judgement on existing businesses for supporting illegal drug activity. This document is at times thought-provoking and compassionate and other times misguided and ignorant.

Woodward’s Committee Planning Principles for the Woodwards Building


This is a preliminary draft of a document that outlines a plan for the Woodward’s redevelopment, created by the Woodward’s Committee.

Keep 6, organized by Anti-Poverty Action Committee (brochure)


Keep 6 was developed in response to increased allegations of harassment by police. At that time, it was speculated that more police resources were dedicated to the Downtown Eastside and East Vancouver to “sweep the streets of ‘undesirables,’” making those neighbourhoods more attractive for new developments.

“Woodward’s Co-op pitched as Gastown bright light” by Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun, August 24, 1999


This article, written in the late ‘90s, has a strong grasp of the history of the site. It is based around quotes from Jim Green, who is introduced as “chief troubleshooter in the Downtown Eastside.”

Woodward’s Chronology (Jan 1993-Sep 2002)


An anonymous chronology of the Woodward’s building from the shuttering…

“Mayor offers help to Woodwood’s [sic] project” Vancouver Sun, April 9, 1997


Vancouver Mayor Philip Owen is quoted offering his support for a redevelopment plan of Woodward’s that includes social housing, and committing City staff to repairing the relationship between Fama Holdings and the provincial government.

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