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VPD Summary

Vancouver Police Department Headquarters

A Vancouver Police Department backgrounder for dealing with the occupation. Note the emphasis on the obstruction posed by the camp,

City of Vancouver Victory Square Policy Plan, July 19, 2005


This plan for the neighbourhood around Victory Square was put forward by the Development Services branch of the City of Vancouver, and adopted by council on July 19, 2005. In it, there are valuable insights into how City officials regarded the neighbourhood around Victory Square. This plan acknowledges its decline and the need to bring businesses back to the neighbourhood, but it also passes judgement on existing businesses for supporting illegal drug activity. This document is at times thought-provoking and compassionate and other times misguided and ignorant.

Woodward’s Designer Reveals Secrets, February 25, 2010


Christine McLaren interviews architect Gregory Henriquez for The Tyee. Some of his statements, such as “We displaced nobody,” demonstrate a certain saviour complex and ignorance with regards to the Woodward’s redevelopment and its lasting impact. Though it is not mentioned in this article, Henriquez’ ego appears to rival the height of the Woodward’s condo. 

Surveillance plan


A collection of images and notes outlining the VPD’s surveillance of Woodsquat. A different view of the Woodward’s building –

Carnegie Community Action Project 2012 Hotel Survey & Housing Report

Carnegie Community Centre

The excerpts above represent the pages of the CCAP 2012 Hotel Survey & Housing Report related to the neighbourhood impact of the Woodward’s Redevelopment.

Minutes from the Development Permit Board Meeting No. 442, October 20, 1997 (8 pages)


The Staff Committee recommends that the Board approve this application,…

Director’s Report, February 2, 1995

Vancouver City Hall

The author remarks that while some City of Vancouver staff “pressed the issue of social housing,” it didn’t seem like a priority

Notes On Van Housing

Carnegie Community Centre

This research summarizes the fight for social housing in the 1990s, the promises that were made and broken, and the overall tension between the Downtown Eastside and low-income residents, Gastown residents, developers and the City.

Anti-Poverty Committee Threat

Vancouver Police Department Headquarters

These documents, obtained through a Freedom of Information Request submitted by the Friends of the Woodward’s Squat, attest to the threat that the Anti-Poverty Committee (APC) posed to the Vancouver Police Department (VPD). Despite attempts to maintain control of the situation, police were seriously challenged by APC, and saw the squat as potentially disastrous for their control over the neighbourhood. Following Woodsquat, VPD documents suggest that authorities were anxious the APC would occupy another building.

“Gastown carpark’s fate uncertain / Woodward’s site facing ‘crunch time’” in Vancouver Sun, February 19, 2000


This article speculates that the parkade will be demolished. It also mentions the costs of repairing other aspects of Woodward’s original architecture, and speculates that Woodward’s may become office space for tech companies.

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