Latest Classifieds in Letters of Discontent

Letter of Support 2 the VPD

Vancouver Police Department Headquarters

A cheerful letter from a concerned resident. Many letters from…

‘Displacement is not beautiful’: Critics slam Westbank’s Fight for Beauty exhibition, October 22, 2017

Fight For Beauty Exhibition Tent

This article for CBC News was one of the first to openly criticize Westbank’s Fight for Beauty exhibition for being ignorant of the neighbourhood and cultural impacts of large scale luxury developments. With regards to Fight For Beauty, Michael Braun, Westbank’s marketing and sales director, is quoted saying, “It’s philanthropy, in a way.”

Carnegie Community Action Project 2012 Hotel Survey & Housing Report

Carnegie Community Centre

The excerpts above represent the pages of the CCAP 2012 Hotel Survey & Housing Report related to the neighbourhood impact of the Woodward’s Redevelopment.

VPD Confiscating Property

Vancouver Police Department Headquarters

Police raided the Woodsquat camp and confiscated squatters belongings during…

Letter to Board of Variance from Nicholas K Blomley, Associate Professor of Geography at Simon Fraser University, December 6, 1997

Vancouver City Hall

Many of Blomley’s speculations about gentrification and increased marginalization came true when the Woodward’s site was finally redeveloped by Westbank Corporation years later.

Woodwards Belongs To Us… Not to Kassem Aghtai (handbill)


This handbill, printed in English and Chinese characters, is a call to action to “reclaim” Woodward’s from Kassem Aghtai of Fama Holdings.

Director’s Report, February 2, 1995

Vancouver City Hall

The author remarks that while some City of Vancouver staff “pressed the issue of social housing,” it didn’t seem like a priority