Latest Classifieds in FAMA Era

“Gastown carpark’s fate uncertain / Woodward’s site facing ‘crunch time’” in Vancouver Sun, February 19, 2000


This article speculates that the parkade will be demolished. It also mentions the costs of repairing other aspects of Woodward’s original architecture, and speculates that Woodward’s may become office space for tech companies.

Notes On Van Housing

Carnegie Community Centre

This research summarizes the fight for social housing in the 1990s, the promises that were made and broken, and the overall tension between the Downtown Eastside and low-income residents, Gastown residents, developers and the City.

“Woodward’s Co-op pitched as Gastown bright light” by Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun, August 24, 1999


This article, written in the late ‘90s, has a strong grasp of the history of the site. It is based around quotes from Jim Green, who is introduced as “chief troubleshooter in the Downtown Eastside.”

Letter to Board of Variance from Nicholas K Blomley, Associate Professor of Geography at Simon Fraser University, December 6, 1997

Vancouver City Hall

Many of Blomley’s speculations about gentrification and increased marginalization came true when the Woodward’s site was finally redeveloped by Westbank Corporation years later.

Minutes from the Development Permit Board Meeting No. 442, October 20, 1997 (8 pages)


The Staff Committee recommends that the Board approve this application,…

Excerpt from a Development Permit Board Meeting Staff Committee Report, October 8, 1997

Vancouver City Hall

This document gives a very basic outline of the changes in the development proposal from 1995 to the development proposal in 1997, and provides a simplified analysis of the changes in the neighbourhood around Woodward’s in those two years and the neighbourhood’s perspective.

Letter to City of Vancouver Planning Department from Carnegie Community Action Project

Carnegie Community Centre

“It is the responsibility of the Development Permit Board to ensure that in their effort to ‘revitalise’ the Downtown Eastside that it is not at the sacrifice of displacing the existing low-income community.”

“Worlds colliding” by Scott Steele, Maclean’s, April 21, 1997


This article explains the demographics of the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, and explains the danger of “condo culture” on the fabric of a neighbourhood.

Woodwards Belongs To Us… Not to Kassem Aghtai (handbill)


This handbill, printed in English and Chinese characters, is a call to action to “reclaim” Woodward’s from Kassem Aghtai of Fama Holdings.

“Mayor offers help to Woodwood’s [sic] project” Vancouver Sun, April 9, 1997


Vancouver Mayor Philip Owen is quoted offering his support for a redevelopment plan of Woodward’s that includes social housing, and committing City staff to repairing the relationship between Fama Holdings and the provincial government.

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